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From the Chairman


After 20 years of hard work, we have given Mrs Olley a very well deserved break. I must say, she didn’t want to go and needed a lot of persuasion but she deserves a long holiday and I know she will come back full of vigour and new ideas.   Have a good one, Mrs Olley.


We are very pleased to announce that taking Mrs Olley’s place for Term II will be Mr John Colwell.   Many of you will know Mr Colwell from his time as head of St Josephs and also POM National High. I have known John for many, many years and I know he will build on the success of our school. Please give him your support.


Following on from the wonderful results our students achieved last year, your Board looks forward to another great year.




Donald J Daniels MBE

Founder and Chairman

Message from the Founder



Welcome to everyone to 2019,  this our 26th year of existence.  We are proud of our school and we thank our parents for entrusting their sons and daughters to the care of our dedicated staff.


I would like to share with you some wonderful news. 


Last year we had 85 students enroled in Year 12.  Of that number, 69 were selected for placement in tertiary institutions.  That is 81% of our Grade 12s were selected…this is the highest number in the school’s history.  And that figure does not include other year 12 students who have gone overseas, or been admitted privately to tertiary institutions. 


How great is that? 


Donald Daniels. MBE

Founder and Chairman


2017 August Newsletter Term 2 Review

Term 2 is usually the busiest time on our School Calendar as the school actively engages in all areas of learning.

Some of the highlights in this edition include the Principal’s Special Group, where students in the Upper Senior who lack the confidence to engage in conversations are assisted in group sessions.

Another, is ….. Read On