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2017 August Newsletter Term 2 Review

Term 2 is usually the busiest time on our School Calendar as the school actively engages in all areas of learning.

Some of the highlights in this edition include the Principal’s Special Group, where students in the Upper Senior who lack the confidence to engage in conversations are assisted in group sessions.

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2017 April Newsletter

Time  Flies  when  the  School  is  busy.  So much has happened in the space of eleven weeks of the first term of school, that is, 54 days to be precise. Apart from the teaching  and  learning,  we  had  the  parents  and  Teachers’  Meeting,  the  Grade 12  Leadership  Day,  the  Anti-  Bullying Week, the Student Representative Council  Training  Programme, Foundation Day, Term  1  Exams,  Report Collection  and  our  two days  of  Staff  Development over the Break. This edition  has  snippets  of the  events  that  occurred in Term 1.


2016 February Newsletter

From The Principal

It  was  only  6:30  a.m.  on Monday the 25th of January when  I  was  greeted  at  the Gate to the main quadrangle by  the  smiling  face  of  Jerr Manguling,  accompanied  by his Mum, as he walked in to be our first student to arrive in  School   for  the  commencement  of  the  2016 school  Year.  Jerr,  who  is  in 6.2  this  year,  has  been  with the School since 2011.

In the last two months, I have interviewed  over  300  new students  and ….



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Newsletter – April 30, 2015

The month of April was an activity filled month. The Years 5 & 6 visited Nature Park; the School conducted the election of the 2015 Head Boy and Head Girl; the School celebrated Easter in a Special Assembly, and the Parents collected the First Term report on Friday 10 April before the students went off for a week’s well earned break. We also had the Induction of Prefects in our second week back at school and our Guest speaker was none other than the famous Barbara Sapea, who is not only a former Olympian  hurdle sprinter but also is someone who represented PNG in 3 South Pacific Games. Barbara is our Years 7, 8 & 9 Personal Development Teacher.
It was pleasing to see that our students has adorned our Notice Boards w i t h memorable Easter Celebration messages before the School went off for the Easter
Break. (I have included some of the messages on this page) It is worth mentioning
that students new to the School this year had a first hand experience in limited
preferential voting when they went to the Polls to elect the 2015 Head Boy and Head
Girl. Congratulations to Geno Pulayasi our Head Girl and Barry Bagu our Head Boy.

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March 2015 Newsletter

Port  Moresby  Grammar School’s Foundation Day  is an annual  event  that  celebrates the  founding  of  this  fine  Institution.  The  School  was  established  by  the  owners  of  the school,  Mr  Donald  Daniels MBE and Mr Graham Bamford in 1993 in the old Burns Philp building  downtown  and  the School  relocated  to  this  purpose-built  site  in  Boroko  in 2001.

It is an important event on the School’s  calendar  as  it  is  not only a celebration of its founding, but also it is an opportunity  for  students  to  display  and celebrate  their  traditional dance.  Read more …